Slip ‘n’ Slide

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Run toward the inflated balloon and land on your stomach and slide on a cushion of water to the end of the 35’ bounce. Great with or without soap. Fun for anyone that wants to get wet. 15x40x10 area required. Can not be placed under power lines.

Power Requirements: 1- 20 amp circuit, must be within 100 ft. of power source

Area Requirements: Minimum 15’x40′ with clear overhead – NO power lines or phone lines. Clear markings if underground sprinklers present. Units require a relatively flat surface, grass, concrete, blacktop, hardwood floor, or carpet. No dirt, rock, or gravel setups allowed. Please notify Pinnacle Amusements of the surface where the inflatable will be placed. Beach setups can be arranged.

Ideal for private parties, corporate picnic events, school or church functions or for anyone wanting to have a FUN day.