Inflatable Rock Wall

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Rockwall, Climbing Wall, Inflatable Rock Wall, Climbing Mountain, whatever you care to call it, is a fun and exciting activity to add to any special event. An inflatable rock wall is appropriate for all ages, and is a very visual addition to any festival or event line of games and activities. The climbers uses a harness and begins the assent up the rocks (handholds) and is secured with a safety line that is safely monitored and carefully restrained from below by a trained ground crew member. This 28’ inflatable climbing wall is challenging for both the seasoned rock climber and the novice. You can’t beat the awesome view of the event and the spectators below! A five foot wide, three foot thick air cushion surrounds the Rock Wall at the base for additional safety.

Power Requirements:2-20 Amp circuit, must be within 100 ft. of power source

Area Requirements: Minimum area is 30 x 30 x 35 overhead. – NO power lines or phone lines. Clear markings if underground sprinklers present. Unit requires a relative flat surface, grass, concrete, blacktop, hardwood floor, or carpet. No dirt, rock, or gravel setup allowed. Please notify Pinnacle Amusements South of the surface where the inflatable will be placed.


Ideal for private parties, corporate picnic events, school or church functions or for anyone wanting to have a FUN day.